Health & Nutrition Benefits Of Eating Red Mung Beans
  • Contains protein, calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1 &B2.
  • Red Mung Beans help micturition and relieves pneumonia, dengue, prevents unusual monthly periods, controls blood pressure,regulate the immune system, prevents against coronary artery disease, lowers cholesterol and reduce risk of heart disease.
    • Control level of glucose preventing diabetes mellitus.
    • Contain more rich quantities of vitamin E in bloodstream which is rich in antioxidant.
    • Regularly eating Red Mung Bean reduces the risk of large intestine cancer.
    • A popular food for reducing weight.
    • Alleviate surticarial, jaundice, relieve an arthrodynia and edema, eliminate pus and treat an enteritis or hematochezia.

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